2022 - 2023 Season's Newsletters




The CODEX January 2022

Dr. Morag Kersel presentation preview of "Pots from the City of Sin: Consequences of Buying Holy Land Antiquities" on January 30.  Other contents: [click to see full article] Field Notes "Iron Maiden Memories" by James Meierhoff in response to Dr. Marc Zender's talk on "How Writing Came to Northern Yucatan" and Michael Ruggeri's critique on claiming Pre-Clovis evidence prematurely.


The CODEX February 2022

Dr. Michael Gregory and Dr. Jane Peterson from the Camp Douglas Restoration Foundation presentation preview of "Materiality & Memory: Urban Archaeology in Chicago's Bronzeville Neighborhood" on February 27. Other contents: introducing Victoria Grigelaitis, Dan Melone, Dr. Vincent LaMotta, and Dr. Dale Simpson Jr. as new Board members.  James Meierhoff's response to Dr. Morag Kersel's talk lamenting the antiquities trade. 


And a special addition:  Remembering Robert Stelton, a 4-page insert mailed to members (also link here for Stelton obituary in Chicago Tribune.)


The CODEX March 2022

Daniela Raillard Arias, PhD Candidate in Anthropology at Northwestern University, presentation preview of "Above-Ground Mortuary Architecture in the Chachapoya Region, Peru" on March 27.  Other contents: Guest Essay by Board member Deb Stelton on "Driving Down to Mexico" in the 1970s.  James Meierhoff's response to Drs. Gregory and Peterson lecture on Camp Douglas/Bronzeville urban archaeology, entitled "The Space Remains the Same."


The CODEX April 2022

Dr. Vincent M. LaMotta, PhD, UIC presented on The Pueblo III to IV Transition in the American Southwest. preview of presentation for April 24. Other content, response to Daniella Railland Arias' March talk on New Research in the Chachapoya Region of Peru; Michael Ruggeri Reports on The Plumed and Horn Serpent in Ancient Southwest Rock Art; Special Report by Dr. Dale F. Simpson Jr, PhD on Pacific and Rapa Nui material culture found in The Field Museum (Chicago, IL


The CODEX May 2022

Preview of Dr. Thomas Loebel's talk for May 22, 2022 on "The DuWulf Paleoindian Project: Early Holocene Ceremonial Behavior in the Western Great Lakes." Other content, response to Dr. Vincent L. LaMotta's talk on Pueblo southwest; Michael Ruggeri Reports on Mesoamerican Themes in Southwest Rock Art; various CAS, IAAA, and Chicagoland news and notes; Deb Stelton review of a family trip in Guatemala and a delay dad....; then a student article from  North Central College. Anastazja Petersen reported

an analyzing a lithic collection from the DuPage Forest Preserve District.



The CODEX September 2022

 Preview of Dr. Christopher Fennel’s talk for September 25 on “New Philadelphia, IL, From Archaeological Project to National Historic Landmark”. Other content, response to Dr. Thomas Loebel on Paleoindian occupation at the DeWulf Site; IAAA at the State Fair, Michael Ruggeri on “The Maya Hero Twins in the Southwest”; various upcoming events and other notes.


The CODEX October 2022

 Preview of Dr. Erin B. Waxenbaum’s talk for October 30  on “FORENSIC ANTHROPOLOGY: the stories the dead tell; At the intersection of Archaeology and Forensics”; response to Dr. Christopher Fennell talk on New Philadelphia; other notes on upcoming events.


The CODEX November 2022

 Preview on Dr. Jennifer Raff’s talk on December 4 on “Origins: How the Americas were Peopled”; response to Dr. Waxenbaum’s talk on archaeology and forensics; article by Deb Stelton, “What do these Images Mean”; a post on North Central College Student Achievements; posts on  CAS membership and volunteering.



 The CODEX January 2023

January 29          Dr. Michael E. Smith       "At Home with the Aztecs"

Arizona State University

Professor and Director, Teotihuacan Research LaboratorySchool of Human Evolution and Social Change



 The CODEX February 2023

February 26                  Philip Alldrit             "Olmec and Maya Connection"

University of New Mexico-Taos

 Instructor of Anthropology, Archaeology, History, and Politic



 The CODEX March 2023

March 26           Dr. Thomas A. Deméré       Human-Mastodon Interaction

San Diego Museum of Natural History

 Curator of Paleontology/Director of PaleoServices



 The CODEX April 2023 

April 30          Dr. Helen Robbins   

 "Domestic and International Repatriation: Current Issues and Future Trends"

The Field Museum of Natural ", Chicago

  Repatriation Director



The CODEX May 2023

May 21         Monette Bebow-Reinhard, historian and CAS member   

 "Intriguing Illinois: What pre-contact copper artifacts tell us"

  Independent researcher



The Codex September 2023

Septema24     Dr. Dale F. Simpson, Jr, archaeologist and CAS board member

"Digging for the Next Generation of Archaeologists; Examples of Archaeological


  Adjunct instructor at College of DuPage; Replacement instructor at Northern Illinois University.



September, October, December meetings

In person at the Evanston Public Library

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