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Dr. Charles Beeker who presented on

"Aspects of Indiana University’s Center for Underwater Science Archaeological Projects"

October 31, 2021 • on Zoom & Facebook Live


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Our regular September-May season continues!


Dr. Marc Zender will present on:

"How Writing Came to Northern Yucatan"

Sunday, December 5, 2021 • 3:30PM CST • on Zoom


In this talk, Dr. Zender will trace the evidence for the derivation of the Late Classic Yukatekan script from the considerably earlier Ch’olan model script of the southern lowlands. Many peculiarities of the northern inscriptions and codices can be explained by the complicated process of borrowing and adaptation, as can the considerable linguistic and cultural influences of southern lowland Ch’olan civilization on the languages and peoples of Northern Yucatán.


Marc Zender is a leading scholar in this field. An Associate Professor of Anthropology at Tulane, he teaches linguistics, epigraphy, and Mesoamerican indigenous languages such as Yucatec and Ch’orti’ (both Mayan languages) and Classical and Modern Nahuatl (of the Uto-Aztecan language family). In addition to his teaching, research, and writing, Dr. Zender is the editor of The PARI Journal, and a frequent contributor to Mesoweb, a major internet resource for the study of Mesoamerican cultures.

Link here on December 5 <>


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