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Vincent M. LaMotta, faculty at University of Illinois-Chicago presents:


 “The Pueblo III to IV Transition in the American Southwest”

Sunday, April 24, 2022 at the Evanston Public Library with doors opening at 3:00pm then announcements and lecture starting at 3:30 pm. See a columns in our April and May CODEX



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Finale of our 2021-2022, September-May, season!



“The DeWulf Paleoindian Project: Early Holocene

Ceremonial Behavior in the Western Great Lakes”

Speaker: Dr. Thomas Loebel, PhD

May 22, 2022  ~  3:30

Evanston Public Library  ~  Zoom  ~  Facebook Live

Meeting ID: 841 5336 4373

Passcode: 970031


Dating to approximately 9500 years old, the DeWulf site offers a rare window into hunter-gatherer social practices. First located by local residents Kenny and Jeff Hipskind, the site was excavated from 2010-2021 as part of a public-professional effort to salvage a unique and important Late Paleoindian site in western Illinois.