About Us


The Chicago Archaeological Society is a member organization that provides opportunities for audiences of interested persons to engage with experts in archaeology in public meetings to develop a better understanding of our past.


The Chicago Archaeological Society/CAS is a federal not-for-profit 501(c)(3) and an Illinois nonprofit organization. 



At least as early as 1962, founders -- professionals, scholars and enthusiasts -- adopted a Code of Ethics under the name Chicago Archaeological Society; incorporated as an Illinois nonprofit; and affiliated as a chapter of the Illinois Association for the Advancement of Archaeology/IAAA. Their emphasis, as stated in a 1971 brochure that first featured our logo, was to contribute "to the disciplines of archaeology, ethnology, anthropology and related subjects, primarily in connection with existing evidence of the American Indian heritage" in Illinois and the Midwest region. The logo was designed by Glenn Behnke based on an Oneota pipe stem found in Dolton, Illinois. 


In 1973, the CAS adopted a Constitution and By-Laws that somewhat restated that purpose:  "The Society is organized to further the interests of its members in the study of the origin and cultural evolution of man and especially, the American aboriginal. The Society will endeavor to contribute to the science of anthropology and, especially, American archaeology."

In 1987, the CAS again incorporated as an Illinois nonprofit and added the federal 501(c)(3) approval.


Program interests in archaeology/anthropology now span the globe.


Membership is open to any person interested in anthropology or archaeology who agrees to uphold the By-Laws of the Society, and contributes annual dues as set by the Board of Directors, including a student or scholarship category to enable all who are interested to join. Full CAS membership dues include a portion allocated to IAAA, yielding membership benefits in both organizations.


We are supported by dues and tax-deductible donations, as well as extensive volunteer activity.

Programs and Activities

The CAS hosts free lectures of interest to professionals, students and enthusiasts at least eight times a year,  September to May. Following lectures open to the public (when able to be in person), we offer the option to informally gather over dinner together to invite further discussion. 


In advance of each lecture, eight times a year, members receive our newsletter, The Codex, containing articles previewing the topic and speaker background; notes on the previous lecture; notices of upcoming events of interest; and wide-ranging essays in the field of archaeology.  In addition, members receive the quarterly scholarly newsletter, Illinois Antiquity, from the IAAA.


The CAS maintains a Facebook page as well, keeping our members informed about events, discoveries, programs and news in the world of archaeology.


We also generally meet in summer months for "safaris" -- day field trips -- to local places of interest to our membership.


During normal years, we meet at the Evanston Public Library; however, lectures moved online via Zoom and Facebook Live during the Covid quarantine period 2020-21, extending into 2022 until further notice.


All are welcome to join.

Our Board and Bylaws

Many hours of dedicated volunteer work have sustained the CAS. Membership and operations of the board and the organization are governed by our Bylaws. The current bylaws were revised and approved in July 2021. The bylaws are available at https://www.chicagoarchaeologicalsociety.com/assets/05302/Documents/CAS_By_laws_Approved_7-24-21.pdf



Consider serving on our Board.  Nomination slate is presented in January. Contact us!




            President - Ray Young

           Vice President/Program Chair  - Lucy Kennedy

           Secretary - Anne Wilson-Dooley

               IAAA Representative 

              CODEX-Website editor

          Treasure - Michael Ruggeri


    Committee Chairs   

          Membership Co-Chairs - Edith Castro-Young, Jeanne Jesernik 




      Edith Castro-Young

      Victoria Grigelaitis

      Jeanne Jesernik

      Vincent M. LaMotta, PhD

      James Meierhoff, PhD

Dan Melone

Dale F. Simpson Jr., PhD/IAAA Representative

Deb Stelton

David Zucker