CAS Program Lectures

Chicago Archaeological Society Program Lectures 
(free and open to the public)

Social time begins at 3:15pm.
Lectures begin at 3:30pm.
All are welcome.

All lectures will be on ZOOM
  • September 27th 2020
    Dr. Dale F. Simpson Jr. 
    Identifying Prehistoric Interaction on Rapa Nui:
                Social Complexity in Extreme Isolation
  • October 25th 2020
    Dr. Logan Miller 
    Exploring the 14th Century Upper Mississippian Village of Noble-Wieting 
  • December 6th 2020
    Dr. Jane Baxter 
    Above Ground Archaeology of Chicago’s Historic Cemeteries

  • January 31st 2021
           Dr. Robert M. Morrissey 
           In the Middle of Everything: The Power of Indigenous Illinois in Early America
  • February 28th 2021
    Dr. Katherine Kanne     
  • Becoming "Equestrian" In The Bronze Age
  • March 28th 2021 
  • Dr. Heather Walder & Marvin Defoe, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
    Connecting People, Past and Present: Collaborative Archaeology in Red Cliff, WI
  • April 25th 2021 
  • Sara Pfannkuche 
  • Where People Lived on the Pecatonica River Valley                                                                                 during the Middle Holocene (5000-500 BCE)
  • May 23rd  2021
Dr. Matthew Krystal 
'It's Our Tradition to Maintain the Forest': Indigenous Water Management in 
        San Miguel Totonicapan