The Chicago Archaeological Society is a chapter of the Illinois Association for Advancement of Archaeology, founded to unite all persons interested in the archaeology of Illinois - amateurs, professionals, students, and educators. We host free monthly meetings with guest lectures from universities, museums, and government organizations.

President     Raymond Young          2019
Vice President Lucy Kennedy            2019
Secretary & Newsletter Editor Robert Stelton   2019
Treasurer    Michael Ruggeri         2023
Director      Judith Greene             2023
Director      Peter Greene              2023
Director      Jeanne Jesernik           2023
Director      Jacqueline Leipold      2023
Director      Doreen Stelton            2023
Director      Ann Wilson-Dooley     2023

Director           Sally Campbell            2021
Director           Edith Castro-Young     2021
Director           David Zucker               2021

Director           Delano Busczynski       2022
Director           Lynn Miller                  2022
Director           Jeanne Zasadil            2022
Director           Mary Ann Bloom         2022