Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Mike Ruggeri presents a special summer report on 

Enigma of the T-Shaped Doors in the Ancient Southwest

Mysterious T-Shaped doors appear in the Ancient Southwest and in Mesoamerica for almost 700 years, starting at Chaco in 850 CE. Very little study has been done on this enigmatic phenomena. What is the meaning behind these T-Shaped Doors? Where do they appear in the Ancient Southwest and Mesoamerica? How do they change in their dynamics over time.

Mike Ruggeri will take you on a wide ranging illustrated lecture of these mysterious doors from New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Chihuahua, and the Sierra Madre as he begins to explain what is behind this enigma.

Read his article from our February CODEX issue, posted on this site February 14, 2021.

Michael Ruggeri is Professor Emeritus from the City Colleges of Chicago.

He is the moderator of the largest and oldest Ancient Americas listserv on the world wide web: Aztlan. He also moderates an Andean list and a Mound Builders list. Mike serves on the Board of the Illinois Association for the Advancement of Archaeology and the Board of the Chicago Archaeological Society.  He has taught courses on Mesoamerica, Mexican History, Latin American History among other courses in his 33 year teaching career. He maintains over 50 different web pages on all aspects of the Ancient Americas.

For the Chicago Archaeological Society, he contributes a regular column to our newsletter, the CODEX, and has given many lectures to the Society on various Ancient Americas topics.

Mike tells us he maintains the largest presence on the world wide web in the area of the Ancient Americas. 

Join us in a special Member event on

Sunday, June 27, 2021

at 3:30PM

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