Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Escaping the Cold

If you took one of those advertised Mayan Riviera vacation deals, offered to escape the Chicago vortex, you might have found yourself bored at about midweek. If it happens to you, do what a few relaxing CAS members did recently. Hire a taxi or a van for a day trip to the important Maya site, Coba (including a Yucatecan lunch). With a local guide and a chauffeur pumping the pedals of your tricycle/carriage, it is more fun than a theme park. You could take an aerial wire flight over a patch of jungle, too. Joe & Marilyn Shidle, Deb & Bob Stelton, Beverly Bucur and Alan Brew shared the cost of a van. Five of us sat on a log and timed Joe Shidle climbing the highest pyramid in the Yucatan; it was 7 minutes up and 7 minutes down. Congratulations Joe!

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