Friday, January 4, 2019

Officers and Board 2019

Happy New Year

Members and friends. Please keep in mind that the January Meeting celebrates you on Members Day. “You get to throw the rascals out” because first and foremost it’s Election Day for the CAS. Then you get to execute the meeting as you please, or you can sit back and enjoy an armchair journeying into the past.

The present CAS leadership has prepared an Officer and Director Ballot slate for member approval. It will be presented to the members at the beginning of the January meeting. Included on the slate are directors whose term has expired.

The CAS Board of Directors consists or 12 members and is divided into 3 groups. Each group stands for reelection every third year. Tasks confronting Directors are essentially policy decisions.

The official election slate is printed elsewhere in this edition of the Codex. The annual date attached to each name indicates office year expiration.

 □ President
    Raymond Young 2019
□ Vice President
    Lucy Kennedy 2019
□ Secretary & Newsletter Editor
    Robert Stelton 2019
□ Treasurer
    Michael Ruggeri 2023
□ Director
    Judith Greene 2023
□ Director     
    Peter Greene 2023
□ Director     
    Jeanne Jesernik 2023
□ Director     
    Jacqueline Leipold 2023
□ Director 
    Doreen Stelton 2023
□ Director 
    Ann Wilson-Dooley 2023
Director Sally Campbell 2021
Director Edith Yma Sumc Young 2021
Director David Zucker 2021
Director Delano Busczynski 2022
Director Lynn Miller 2022
Director Jeanne Zasadil 2022
Director Mary Ann Bloom 2022

Effective January 31, 2019

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