Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Palimpsest

Welcome back to the new, 2015 – 2016, program series of archaeological adventures and discovery a presentation of the Chicago Archaeological Society.

The Officers and Board hope you had a refreshing change of season and hope you enjoy the new CAS season.

2015 Summer Safaris

The Safaris have been part of CAS out-reach to provide information of the organization to the public and to offer an activity to engage members. One goal of the 2015 Safaris was creation of an activity directly accessible to its membership
The CAS experiment of two Summer Safaris were thumping successes. The First: An exploration of Chicago’s Hellenic Museum and a sampling of Greek culture with afternoon luncheon at Roditys Restaurant.

The Acropolis exhibition at the Hellenic was enhanced by Deb Stelton’s comments. The feature presentation was an exhibition of the art work of renowned actor Anthony Quinn. Quinn’s accomplishments go far beyond his role of Alexis Zorba in Zorba the Greek.
The hospitality of Roditys was exceptional.

While individuals ordered from the menu, MexiMayan Travel served wine and desserts.

Roditys’ provided an opportunity for Bob Stelton to premier his Greece DVD. Deb made a presentation that elaborated on earlier comments about the Acropolis and the Parthenon made in the Hellenic Museum.

The Second: An ultra-super personal introduction to the Field Museum.

Members may who have been to the muse-ums previously probably had never enjoyed the special opportunities arranged by Director of Docents, Ms. Mary Ann Bloom and Field Muse-um Docents Beth Spencer, Gary Drimmer and Victoria Grigelaitis (members of the CAS).

Deb Stelton’s planning sessions with Ms. Bloom at the Field included special parking in the reserved Museum Parking Lot.

>By Robert Stelton  

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