Friday, April 17, 2015

Gender and sexuality in the ancient world

From prehistory to the present, the human body has inspired the creation of gender and sexuality images of men, women, and the divine

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? These are questions that haunted Paul Gauguin to the extent that he inscribed them on a painting: D'où Venons Nous / Que Sommes Nous / Où Allons Nous.

We share the artist’s curiosity and to some extent these questions provide partial explanations of the human psyche’s interest in viewing museum collections.

Specialized investigation of museum collections have provided a new dimension of understanding as well as justifying continuation archaeological exploration that brings us closer to understanding the nature of the human psyche.

The CAS is delighted to have as its guest speaker Dr. Jack Green of the Oriental Institute on Sunday, 3:00 pm, April 26 in The Ballroom of the Merion Hotel (formerly the North Shore Retirement Hotel) 1611 Chicago Avenue, Evanston.

Dr. Green’s, topic, Gender and Sexuality, until recently would have been “X” rated and calling for a “warning notice and parental discretion” mes-sage similar to those that now proceed TV series like The Vi-kings! However he has made similar presentations at the South Suburban Archaeological Society and the Art Institute of Chicago without puritanical disturbance!

Dr. Green was a guest speaker at the December 2013 Annual CAS Party when he spoke on the subject of Life To Death In Ancient Canaan and Israel.

As has been a CAS ongoing tradition, Dr. Green will be the CAS guest at Dave’s Italian Kitchen. CAS post-meeting dinner gathering has been a highlight for members. If you’ve never participated, don’t be shy. It’s dutch treat, the company’s sparkling, and you have an opportunity to interact with real archaeologists!

A reminder to CAS members and guests (Meetings are free and open to the public.). In April you can join Jack Green, chief curator, Oriental Institute Museum as he explores interpretations of female “fertility” images from prehistory, representations of male kingship in early Mesopotamia, and examples of intersexuality in ancient Near Eastern art.

Members, friends and guests of the CAS should notice the change of venue for the meeting as well as the program change. The regular April change from the Evanston Library to the Merion Hotel oc-curs when the library hosts a special convention.

For April 2015 there is a program change to accommodate professional conflicts of the previously scheduled speaker Mr. Brian Adams.

The CAS extends special thanks to the Merion Hotel and its new Social Director, Tammy for special accommodation arrangements for the April meeting.